Andrea Pellegrineschi

“Jewellery is my passion”.
I was born in a small town in Tuscany called Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Jewellery has always been a big part my life as my father and Grandfather were jewellers so this passion runs in the family.
I have been creating jewellery for over 30 years with a dream of creating a collection of authentic Italian jewellery that could be sold all over the world. I felt that Scotland was the perfect place to start this adventure because there is such love between Italy and Scotland.
In 2012 I met William Moriconi and our friendship quickly grew thanks to our common mission of sharing Italian quality with the rest of the world. This led us to create Moriconi Italy, a brand that had a clearly defined and clear identity from the very beginning.
It felt like an impossible dream but with recklessness, tenacity, love and care we managed to create a brand that is unapologetically Italian and the kind of jewellers my father and grandfather would be proud of.
As part of my role as Marketing Director, I remain in Tuscany ensuring that Moriconi is always adding the finest items to our collection. We look for pieces that combine refinement, elegance and practicality.


William Moriconi

For me Scotland was the natural choice for our first store as I was born in Barga which is the most Scottish Italian town.
When I met Andrea I was perusing my other passion as a classical musician and it soon became clear we had similar ambitions of brining Italian Jewellery to the UK.
I knew it was the perfect time to start our new venture as I was getting ready to move to Scotland with my family. We brought in high quality pieces allowing us to create an original collection of well crafted jewellery at affordable prices.
Through our pieces we’re able to bring a little bit of Tuscany to Scotland, sharing our passion and our heritage with all our customers.
I’m very hands on as Managing Director, often in our St Enoch’s store overseeing our small but dedicated staff.We prioritise excellent customer service and ensuring our customers leave with something they’ll cherish forever. I’ve watched the retail sector change a lot since we’ve opened and it fill me with pride to
see how the business has persevered. I believe the dedication of our staff is evident to our customers and is a major reason why our brand has been able to grow.


The Future

We love the loyal customer base we’ve managed to build at our St Enoch store and we look forward to opening more stores in the future. We want to share the Moriconi brand with Jewellery lovers all across the UK.